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Space Size and Type

Number of employees

Space per Employee





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Choose a location

Choose the city where your company is located to find the best location for your office.

Based on your size and location, here’s a budget estimate.

Recommended Budget for

* Base rent only. Estimate does not include additional expenses like utilities or building maintenance fees.

What are your timelines?

Choose a lease term and when you’re looking to move into your new office.

Lease Term

< 1 year

1-2 years

3-5 years

5+ years


* Typical lease terms: the industry average for lease terms are usually around 3-5 years.

Move - in Date

< 3 months

3-6 months

7-9 months

10-12 months


* Move-in times: the search to close process will take around 2-4 months.

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